Live Rock

Our super premium live rock is truly “live rock” it has lots of life on it. Here are just a few things you may find on one of our outstanding pieces: mussels, sea squirts, live coral, gorgonians, sponges, serpentine starfish, macro algae, scallops, pretty Coraline algae, feather dusters, and so much more.

When we get our premium live rock in, it goes into a 300 gallon tub to cure, before we will sell it. When you cure live rock it makes the rock safe to put into even the smallest aquariums. The rock arrives to us in wet paper towels, there is bound to be die-off due to being taken from the ocean, and put into wet paper towels. Putting it in such a big tub makes for less die-off. There is so much water volume and heavy flow that it takes off the bad stuff and you are left with a beautifully cured piece of live rock.ย .ย 

Base rock starts at $5.00 a pound

Premium live rock is sold by the pound and by the piece with lots of life on it.