Betta Fish And Small Aquariums

selective focis photo of blue betta fish
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

We have a number of small aquariums available for your fish. We have fish bowls, where you have to change the water weekly with no filter. We also have small fish tanks starting at 1 gallon that offer a strong power filter and light.

These little aquariums are great for small tropical fish. You can buy a heater to go inside them if your fish needs one.

betta-fish-and-small-aquariumselement550ย betta-fish-and-small-aquariumselement551ย betta-fish-and-small-aquariumselement552

This is the clean sweep little tank for bettas. Its awesome because it has a drain on the bottom to do a water change without removing the fish. Comes in two types: the one above, that is upright, and the one on the left that is longer and stackable fish keeping has never been easier. Watch the video below to find out more.


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