Aquacultured Saltwater Fish

We are totally aquaculture obsessed! We usually have more aquacultured fish then wild caught in our store at any given time. Jen is really into aquaculture and she gets in as many aquacultured fish as she can. We are starting to ship them out across the country.
These fish include:
  • Aquacultured Flame Angels
  • Aquacultured Yellow Tangs
  • Aquacultured Coral Beauty Angelfish
  • Aquacultured Mandarins
  • Aquacultured Blue spotted Watchman Gobies
  • Aquacultured Clown fish
  • Aquacultured Court Jester Gobies
  • Aquacultured Molly Miller Blennies
  • Aquacultured Kamohara Blenny
  • Aquacultured Forktail Blenny
  • Aquacultured Striped Blenny
  • Aquacultured Dwarf Gobies
  • Aquacultured Lemon peel angels
  • Aquacultured Cream Angels
  • Aquacultured African Flameback Angels
  • Aquacultured Seahorses
  • andย  many many more…….
Captive Bred Flame Angels breeder direct from Hawaii.
Only $99.00
Aquaculture is the future!
Contact us for a quote on shipping these wonderful fish to your home!

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Check out Jen’s Latest Article in Reefs Magazine about these Beautiful fish.

Jen’s Reefs Magazine Article

Our Latest batch of Captive Bred Flame Angels arrived on June 27th at 12:00 AM

(so technically Thursday morning)


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