General questions

What types of pet supplies do you carry at your store?
We carry pet supplies for all your animals including, dogs, cats, fish, small animals, birds, and reptiles.

What living animals do you carry?
Freshwater fish and live aquatic plants, saltwater fish, live coral, live rock, and crickets.

What happens if you don’t have an item that i want?
There are many items for pets out there if you want something that we don’t have please ask us and if we can get it for you, we will. We just need a deposit, and your phone number to call you when it comes in.

Fish questions:
Our saltwater fish, live rock, live coral, and inverts come from all around the world. We have many suppliers, a lot of marine life comes from Florida and California. If we don’t have the fish you want, let us know and we can try to get it for you.

Why should i buy my fish from you?
We have over 70 years of knowledge working with fish, and that knowledge has come from experience. We run natural systems where live rock is the primary filtration for our saltwater fish and coral tanks. We don’t believe in using lots of chemicals to solve problems, water changes are the key to success. When you buy a fish from us, you also buy in to our knowledge, you can bring us a sample of water from your aquarium and we will test it for free. We only use r.o.d.i water (reverse osmosis-deionized water) in our salt water aquariums, along with red sea coral pro salt that is all natural and harvested right from the red sea. We sell the RODI water in 3 and 5 gallon bottles, with or without salt this means you have the absolute best water you can get to help your fish live healthy long lives.
As for freshwater fish, every aquarium is individual, and gets water changes weekly.

How should i acclimate my fish?
Acclimation of your new fish is key to their survival. The water inside your aquarium may have different parameters then the water they are used to and you don’t want to shock them. They are already stressed out by being put in a plastic bag. Here is a step by step list on how to acclimate your fish: (its the same for freshwater and saltwater)

1.) Float the bag on top of the water for 8-12 minutes

2.) Take the rubber band off of the bag and roll down the sides of the bag (this will make the bag float)

3.) Pour some of your tank water into the bag and wait 7-10 minutes

4.) Pour some of the water from the bag into the sink (without pouring the fish into the sink)

5.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 a few more times

6.)Put the fish into the tank and throw away the water

You have now given your fish the best chance for survival.

What water parameters do you keep in your aquariums?
Freshwater: ph 6.8-7.0   nitrate<10  nitrite:0  ammonia:0

Saltwater ph 8.2-8.3 salinity 1.021-1.023 nitrate <10 nitrite:0 ammonia:0

(this is what we strive for, some aquariums may vary slightly)

Dog questions:
What type of dog food do you carry?
We carry natural balance dog and cat food, and vets choice health extension.

Other questions:

Do you sell crickets?
Yes, we sell small and medium crickets in any quantity you want.