There is nothing funny about raising clownfish.

Last time we talked my Clown fish eggs didn’t hatch. Since then we have had another opportunity to raise them. Clown fish are noted as the easiest of the saltwater fish to raise but they are still hard to a beginner. In years I suppose Ill look back at this post and laugh that I thought clown fish were hard to raise. I hope to tackle hard species that really need to be bred in captivity. That is my ultimate goal and why I am starting with clownfish. As of right now we have one survivor named Bullet. He is 14 days old and just got his orange coloring. Seriously, he was still a silver color this afternoon and then this evening when I went to do a water exchange and feed him his dinner, he was orange! It was so unbelievable! I have learned so much from raising Bullet to this point. All that I am learning will help me when I move on to harder species. I am so honored and blessed that I get to hang out with fish all day. It’s truly my dream job, If you watch my videos or talk to me in person you can feel the excitement and passion I get from these fish.

Bullet is amazing! He is a survivor and he is the begining and future of Aquaculture Obsessed” the breeding part of Colchester Pet. I am proud that we have him and it doesnt bother me that he is the only one. Of course I wish there were more. but we have to start somewhere and I can learn just as much from having one baby clownfish as I can from having 50. I think I will learn more from him because there is more pressure on me to succeed . If I mess up with feeding, or water parameters, or any other number of things that can go wrong when you talk about baby fish, then thats it. If there are 50 you can mess up just a little and lose 10 but you still have 40. Bullet has already become part of our family and I cant wait to see what the future holds.

I am excited and I accept the challenge ahead of us…. Thank you for reading!

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