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Surprise Plot Twist? I did not see that coming!

Have you ever been disappointed about something but you knew that it everything always works out for the best? That’s how I felt about our clown fish eggs not hatching. I knew this was true but why and how was it for the best I wondered. Maybe the universe thought I needed more time to prepare for them or maybe it was a test to see if failure would stop from pursuing my dreams. The answer is “it wont”. I am not the give in type.

This was totally unexpected and I’m still so excited but unprepared. Last Thursday was the day that our clown fish babies didn’t hatch. I was disappointed but knew there would be more chances. My Dad and I were talking later that evening at the store and he was sitting right next to our 72 bow freshwater planted aquarium. We got to watch a pair of angelfish lay eggs on a leaf and fertilize them. We thought it was cool but didn’t really think about it after that because we “knew” that they would get eaten. The store was busy for the weekend so we didn’t think about the eggs or the angelfish pair.

I am writing this on Wednesday Night (technically Thursday Morning) at 1:30 AM because lets face it, When else does a mom and business owner get time by herself to be a writer. I love to write when the house is asleep and there are no distractions.

This afternoon we noticed there were still eggs on the leaf and it had been almost a week! I am someone who loves a challenge and will always jump at the opportunity to raise animals. They looked like they were ready to come out and since they made it this far I knew we at least had a chance. They were wiggling and so cute and small. It was decided that we must ensure their safety so I got a net breeder and put it in the tank, then I put it under the leaf and cut the leaf where it falls right into the net. I talked to a friend who has raised many many angelfish and she gave me some pointers.

We will see what happens tomorrow.

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