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Mistakes are proof that you are trying

Last week at this time I could hardly sleep. I was thinking about the clownfish eggs that I carefully took care of and placed in their new tank to hatch earlier in the day. This was the begining of “Aquaculture Obsessed” our saltwater fish breeding facility. I even made a video where you can tell my excitment. It wasnt the first time that I took eggs from our clownfish to hatch and raise but it was the beginning of something magical and exciting. I feel asleep knowing that when I checked on the eggs the next morning everything would be different. We would be embarking on an amazing journey.

I arrived at the store the next day early in anticipation of new baby clownfish to care for. I opened the cover of the tank and my excitement was replaced with dissapointment. There were no babies, the tank was cold, and the air was barely going. I looked at the eggs and they were white. This means they were no good. Not one baby hatched! I stood there not believing that this happened for a moment, then I remembered that my clown fish pair lays eggs every two to three weeks and I will get another chance. I have been meaning to write this update because I know that everyone was so excited about this.

We can look at this two ways:

1st as a failure and be really upset and mad and sad, or 2nd we can learn from it and use the next few weeks to do some research and really be ready. We know there will always be another chance. Now I am doing more reading and getting the parents better nutrition and more of it. Every thing is a learning experience. We need to look at the negative more like lessons learned instead of failure. That is how I decided to look at it. I am new to raising fish and am excited to have any experience doing it. Now I know that I need to be better prepared. This may be the first of “lessons learned’ but I am quite sure that it wont be our last.

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