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Cory Catfish- The Freshwater Cleaners

Have you ever looked at a bustling freshwater aquarium and noticed the fish on the bottom with adorable whiskers scurrying about in a group? Up, down, all around they swim looking as if they were late for a very important date, or they are doing the last quick cleaning before the In-Laws stop by. They are the cleaning crew of the aquatic world. They are in my opinion essential to your freshwater aquarium and do a great job. Just think about how much you probably over feed your aquarium and how much work they do to eat that leftover food (it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it).

This post is all about the Corydoras Catfish. We will talk about what they do and why they are important. We will also touch on whether you should supplement them with wafers. Then talk about how many you should have, and finally I will show you some of my favorites.

Here we go!

What do Corys do?

Corydoras Catfish (Cory Catfish) are a group of fish that are scavengers in a freshwater aquarium. This means that they essentially clean up what is left over on the bottom of your aquarium. They are great at eating left over food and what ever else they find. These fish are only one type among many that will settle for the leftovers. I am highlighting these guys because they can go in almost any freshwater tank. I love how they swim and how they act in a group. I also love that there are so many to chose from so you should be able to find some that you absolutely love. Another thing about Corys is that they don’t get huge. This is great news for someone who wants to have a school of them scurrying around in their aquarium. They even come in a pygmy size for nano aquariums.

To feed or not to feed…….

This part is dependant upon many factors. The first is are you overfeeding your aquarium? If you think that you feed your fish way more then they can eat, maybe the Cory will get enough from just scavenging. Second is how many Corys you have vs fish. If you have an aquarium where you only feed once a day with a few fish but 5 of them are corydoras then you might want to supplement them with sinking wafers  so they all can get enough. This one is dependant on your aquarium size, how many fish you have, and how many of those are Corydoras.

How many Awesome Corydoras Catfish should I have?

There is a phrase that says “less is more” but that isn’t the case with Cory Catfish. They are most active and most fun to watch when they have a school of at least 4 or more. This is when they are most active and synchronized in their swimming. They really look like they are doing a well-rehearsed routine and a gold medal is on the line as they swim and move around the tank as one. If you have one they will still clean up but not be nearly as happy as if they had a buddy or 3.

Now on to some of my favorites:

Everyone has their own opinions and that’s totally okay. The ones I am going to talk about are my favorites but to be honest any Cory Catfish is my favorite. I really just love their personalities and the way they swim around. I really could have just a tank of Corys and be totally happy with that. After making this post I may just set one up in the store full of Corys.

Sterbai Cory- Love them! I love their color and the fact that they have such cool patterns plus they get nice orange fins as they get older:

Agassizi Cory- These guys have really cool squiggle lines all over their bodies:

Scwartzi Cory- These Cuties have black on their fins and black spots all over their bodies

Green Cory- These are the most common and are a cool green hue-

Paleatus Cory- These guys are also incredibly common with bigger spots all over in a greenish color.

Check out our video below all about Cory Catfish!

Check out Episode 4 of our Podcast below!

Well there you have it, My top picks of Cory Catfish. I hope this little post helped you decide to get multiple Corys and showed you some great variety of them. Thanks for reading and see you next week when we discuss Saltwater Live rock vs Dry rock.

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