Our fish can Speak to us

One of my favorite things to do in my business is help people solve their problems. Nothing inspires me more then helping someone figure it out. I am a lover of logic games and a puzzle “finatic” (pun intended). I love that all my years of fish keeping can help solve problems that may have been over looked, or others may not see the same way.

This is what happened today: I have an amazingly awesome client that bought a fish a while back and its the joy of their life. This is one spoiled fish! They are fairly new to the hobby and have many questions. I love that they are this passionate about a cute little fish. I got a phone call from them today asking a question that is not easy to answer: ” My fish is swimming frantically around his tank, do you think he is okay”? It’s always tough to answer a question like this due to the plethora of unknowns. I mean it could be something or maybe he is just exercising. I am not one to throw chemicals into an aquarium unless its absolutely necessary so we decided that a water test would be helpful. When they arrived with the water I started to check it and the levels were off. They had high ammonia in their aquarium which didn’t make sense and confused all of us. This is where I get to play detective and I love it. I start asking questions and after a while we find the answer. They have an aquarium with one rock and a hang on the back filter. This may seem fine to some, but one rock is not enough to sustain the good bacteria in an aquarium. There is a minimalist movement that is going around the hobby these days and that’s fine but only works if you have more places for the good bacteria to grow in your filtration. There are a few ways to fix this and I used Fritz 9 and more live rock as my remedy.

After more talking we realized that this amazing little fish was telling them that something was not right and I’m so glad that they listened. So if you think that your animals (including your fish) cant talk to you then I would encourage you to reconsider. This fish and his family have inspired me and I hope this has inspired you to listen to your fish.

Check out our Youtube video with a bit more detail here:

How about our brand new podcast:

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