Updates after Reefapalooza New York

The dust is settling after Reefapalooza New York and I have started to plan the rest of 2018.

  • We are going to Aquatic Experience in New Jersey to visit my friends at Rising Tide Conservation in October.
  • We have started to work on our 2019 Calendar for Rising Tide by gathering sponsors and amazing pictures.
  • We are working hard to bring even more captive bred fish into the store
  • we have started to ship our captive bred fish and will continue to put moreĀ  and more on the site.
  • we started up the Friday Flog (fish-video-blog) again.
  • We had our website professionally made for ease of use and ease of updates.
  • Look for more articles of mine at Reefs.com
  • We are helping to get more Aquariums in Classrooms

These are all reasons to come in and see us at Colchester Pet for all your pet needs


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