Aquariums in Classrooms

boy standing in front of jelly fish aquarium with purple light
Photo by Jeswin Thomas on

We started aquariums for classrooms to educate our youth about the importance of aquaculture and ocean conservation.

Aquariums enchant us all and its no surprise that kids will learn better when they are enchanted by something. We currently have one school that we are working with but are looking for others that want to help kids learn in new ways. We want to have aquariums become part of the curriculum and have workbooks, txt books and educational videos.

We are working with a few manufacturers to help make this a reality. We are in a new age where technology is grabbing everyone’s attention and making it more difficult to get and keep kids attention then ever.Β  We need new ways to connect to them and this is it. It has already been proven that aquariums help ease anxiety and can re focus our attention. The future is here, lets put aquariums in classrooms!

For more info on our first aquarium in a classroom join our facebook group

If you work at a school and would like to talk about our aquariums for classrooms programs please contact us or come see us.

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